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About Warner Sound and Video

The staff and facilities and Warner Sound & Video.Dane and Debbie Warner started Warner Sound & Video in 1990. Since then, with the help of wonderful employees, it has grown into a very strong and stable business. While most of our jobs are concentrated in Oklahoma, Kansas, NE Arkansas, and SE Missouri, we have traveled nationwide, to California, Texas, Colorado, Iowa, and Las Vegas—just to mention a few. We have grown every year and are very excited about what the future holds. We continue to expand in new areas as technology changes.

We feel the best thing we can offer is the confidence that we will be here for the long run to take care of you. In today's business world, whether you are a large corporation or a small business, it seems that businesses are here today, gone tomorrow. We are very rooted in this area. We have lived in this area our entire life. We own our home and business location, and our parents, children and grand children all live here. We love this area and we love our business. We are here to stay.

On a more personal note, we enjoy sharing that we are a Christian based business and we cherish the relationships we have formed over the years with many church families. We consider it a privilege and a ministry to offer services to those who share the gospel. We thank you for the opportunity.